August 5, 2012: The Kiss-a-Thon was a Success!!!!

Together we raised $465.74 
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Prize Winners:

First to Raise $50 Fat Chick Works Out Book & DvD Cindy Gaisor

Raised Most Money $50 Gift Card MOMTL Store Cindy Baker - $128.61
2nd Most Money $25 Gift Card MOMTL Store Cindy Gaisor - $127.83
3rd Most Money Autographed Copy of Fat Sex Lesleigh Owen - $51.63
4th Most Money Tee-Shirt from Big World Wear Jeanette DePatie - $50.99

$300 Challenge Special Copy of Taking Up Space (15)
  • Cat Pause
  • Cindy Baker
  • Cindy Gaisor
  • Dawn Baker
  • Jeanette DePatie
  • Lauri Owen
  • Lesleigh Owen
  • Lily Ohara
  • Stephanie Rainbow Bell
  • Steve Thomas
  • Tamara Simpkins
  • Theresa Bakker
  • Tracey Thompson
  • Troy McGinnis
  • Yvonne Morman

$400 Challenge Body Peace Bumper Stickers (4)
  • Popcorn Waffle
  • Cindy Gaisor
  • Lily O'Hara
  • Cat Pause

Contributor's Raffle $25 Gift Card MOMTL Store Lauri Owen

MOST PASSIONATE Don't Stop Massage Oil Duckie Graham
SWEETEST Kissable Body Topping Dina Giovanelli
SILLIEST Tickle Me Intimacy Kit Jennifer Jonassen

Total raised $465.74
34 pictures
22 contestants
47 contributors

And a special thanks to our Anonymous Contributor who matched $50 during the $300 challenge.

PDA Nation presents

A Kiss-a-Thon 
to Benefit
 User-Friendly Vegas

Sponsored by:






We want you to show off your kissing skills by submitting one or more pictures of you kissing. You can kiss your significant other, your friend, your fur-baby (or other pet), your car, a tree, the ground, whatever you feel like kissing. You can even blow us a kiss via the camera.

Send us  .jpg or .png of your kiss or kisses (multiple entries are allowed) to and we will post it on our PDA Nation blog at More of Me to Love.

Then we send you a link to the post and you invite your friends to vote for you by donating 99 cents to our pre-production efforts for our documentary, User Friendly Vegas. People can vote as often as they like. You can vote for your own picture(s) Also, if you submit more than one picture, your cumulative total of all the pictures will be counted towards the prize.

Three fund-raising prizes will be awarded for the top four amounts:
  1. First prize is a $50 gift card for More of Me To Love Store.
  2. Second prize is a $25 gift card for More of Me to Love Store.
  3. Third prize is an autographed copy of Fat Sex: The Naked Truth by Rebecca Jane Weinstein.
  4. Fourth prize is a tee-shirt of your choice from Big World Wear! (added July 6, 2012)
July 10 update: BONUS PRIZE

Jeanette DePatie, author of the Fat Chick Works Out, has joined as a sponsor. So we are happy to announce a bonus prize. If you are the FIRST contestant to reach 50 votes ($49.50 raised) you will win her Book and DvD. You can still win one of the top four prizes if you go on to collect the most votes.
Door prizes will also be awarded for:
  • The silliest kiss
  • The most passionate kiss
  • The kiss in the coolest setting

Please note: To qualify for the top three prizes, you must have a minimum of 10 votes ($9.90 in donations). If no one makes the minimum, then none of the prizes will be given out.


Deadline for submitting pictures is 11:59p P.D.T., Wednesday, July 11, 2012.

The pictures will be available from Saturday, July 14, 2012 to Saturday, July 28, 2012. Only money received by11:59p P.D.T, July 28, 2012 will be counted in the contest (though we will happily accept donations afterwards).


More of Me to Love, one of our sponsors, will be hosting the pictures on our blog, PDA Nation. Each picture will have it's own blog entry, including its unique voting button (coded for tracking) with its own url. The url will be sent to contestants on July 13, 2012 so that contestants can publish widely to encourage others to come. If you want to peruse all the pictures and do multiple votes, you will be able to do so via the blog.


You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a picture. Anyone with an email account who submits a picture we can publish will be allowed to do so. If you are submitting multiple pictures, please do so from the same email account so we can connect the pictures to one tracking code and give you credit for all your fund-raising efforts. Keep the pictures clean and, please, no pictures of celebrities or violation of other people's copyrights. This is meant to be for fun. If we deem something might be inappropriate, we will email you and ask questions. We reserve the right to reject a photo if we feel that it is not a good idea to publish it. We will try to be as fair as possible (and obviously, our incentive is to get as many photos up as possible, so we are going to try to make everyone of them work).


It is simple, send us your pictures via email to We send you a link for each picture. You post your link on social media, email to your friends, put on your own blogs or however you want people to find out. They come and vote for you by donating 99 cents, through PayPal(tm), but no PayPal(tm) account is needed. We tally the money and you win a prize! If you have any questions, please send them through the above email.


Making a feature-length documentary is an expensive and time-consuming enterprise, and often it is most difficult to get funding. We are going to be exploring questions that are not necessarily popular and that limits our funding sources as well. But these topics are important. We came to realize that our home city was a unique case study not only in how well the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is doing in terms of mobility accessibility, but it also provides a case study in the broader questions of empathy and design. This is an important topic for which we happen to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right experience. When we realized this, we decided it was important to do this work. To do it right, we need to be set up to succeed. That not only means enough money, but enough social support. So crowd-funding, at least at the pre-production stage made a lot of sense. So we hope you will participate for the prizes, but also to help us make this project happen. A world where design is user-friendly for the most people possible is a world that will help all of us live up to our potential. We are extremely grateful to More of Me to Love, Rebecca Jane Weinstein and People of Size for providing the prizes and the web space to make this happen. We will be raising money through GoFundMe and through other donation and store sites, but the kiss-a-thon is by far the most fun of our efforts this summer. We hope you will enjoy it as well. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Kiss! Kiss!