Saturday, April 6, 2013

DAY 6: Hey older me, what's my legacy going to be?

Dear 55-year-old me,

I know that you have a lot of insecurities about how your life has gone so far. You probably thought it would be cut short because of all the pain you were feeling from your incurable conditions.

Well, we made it. We helped others to make it as well. We may not be in this life much longer and we still have no idea what to make of the future life, but we know it will be an adventure because we are made of star-stuff and star-stuff is always changing powerfully and changing everything around it powerfully as well.

We've seen a lot of our students grow up and have kids of their own, some of whom we had an opportunity to teach as well. We've seen some tragedies along the way. The world is still filled with people who often do more harm than good, but at least we got past all the silly body size mumbo-jumbo from the beginning of the century. People celebrate body diversity now and concentrate more on health than weight.

We've had a chance to write some books and to make some films. Most of which have at least had critical acclaim. So both Carl and us will be remembered for our work, which we always said were like our children.

So don't worry too much about things. Imperfect as it is, medical advances have given us a much more comfortable life now that  allopathic, Chinese and indigenous medicines have been integrated. Shaman practitioners reduced our neuropathy considerably and there are now sound scientific studies that have helped us figure out the role electro-magnetic energies and particles play in pain. Turns out our bodies were letting us know about some subtle but important imbalances and now that we've learned how to listen, pain is much reduced and health is much improved.

I don't want to spoil all of the surprises waiting for you. I just wanted you to know you made a difference.

With love and respect,
90-year-old me